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Illumiwall: Pannelli Retroilluminati e Pareti Modulari Retroilluminate per Allestimenti Fieristici e Negozi di Impatto

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Pannelli Retroilluminati per Negozi

Scopri le diverse soluzioni realizzabili con Illumiwall

  • Pareti luminose: Ideali per creare scenografie mozzafiato, fondali suggestivi e dare vita a vere e proprie opere d'arte luminose.
  • Vetrine retroilluminate: Trasforma le tue vetrine in vetrine espositive di grande impatto, attirando l'attenzione dei passanti e valorizzando i tuoi prodotti.
  • Stand fieristici modulari: Crea stand fieristici personalizzati, eleganti e funzionali, che si distinguono dalla massa e comunicano in modo efficace il tuo brand.

Scegli Illumiwall e dai vita alle tue idee con la forza della luce!


Point of sale wall

Luminous wall suitable for shops, points of sale, promo points or restaurants. Attracts the customer's attention thanks to a simple bright wall, but with a captivating effect.

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Double size wall

Two-metre wall, suitable for setting up shop windows or for use inside them. With the ability to change printing at a very affordable price, it's a great solution to replace communication with seasonal changes.

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Large wall

A luminous wall with medium-large dimensions, usable for stages, dividers in shops or shopping centres. Each wall, regardless of its width, has the possibility of being lowered by 50, 100 or 150 cm in height, so as to allow different dimensions and shapes to be obtained.

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XL light pictures

Luminous walls in large formats that can be hung and used as paintings or placed on the ground. An excellent solution for advertising in stations, metro or large shopping centres.

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  • Bases

    Corner with base of your choice: truncated, small square or full.

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  • Modular

    Modular segments with simple clip attachment that can be assembled by hand.

  • Wired

    Wired segments, simply connect the various male/female plugs to the ends of the segments to complete the circuit.

  • LED segment

    Luminous segment to be connected to the power supply, and consequently to the wired section.

  • Graphics

    Graphics with rubber strip mounting system. Wrinkle-free and no need for clips to attach.