Folding backlit wall

Ease of transport, speed of assembly, lightness, resistance and versatility of use.

L'allestimento di un corner promozionale all'interno di un punto vendita rappresenta un'opportunità strategica per aumentare la visibilità del brand e intercettare nuovi clienti. Tuttavia, la ristrettezza degli spazi negli shop in shop richiede soluzioni espositive modulari, leggere e di facile installazione, che non compromettano la fluidità del percorso d'acquisto.

Illumiwall risponde a questa sfida con la parete pieghevole: un sistema innovativo che coniuga praticità e design per una comunicazione d'impatto immediato.



Promotional walls for shops 

Easy fast effective.


Designed for promotional events where the assembly of a backlit wall can be done completely independently by anyone, in a very short time. Convenient in all aspects: from assembly/disassembly, to transport and storage. The bag, included with the product, fits comfortably in the trunk of a small car.

  • Folding joints

    Thanks to its folding joints, it allows the whole structure to be assembled without the use of tools. Led strips run along the side sections.

  • All in one piece

    A single piece already assembled, you will not have to connect any piece individually except the central bar and the graphics. The ease of assembly and the aesthetic result will amaze you.

  • Lifts & Clips

    Patented lift & clip system. Just lift the structure and clip the horizontal bar once raised to its maximum extension. To close it again will be just as simple.

Magnetic connection

The side bands include two powerful magnets that allow you to conveniently connect additional walls without using clips, simply by placing them side by side one after the other. You will thus be able to obtain large walls with a few simple steps.